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I hereby authorize the dealer, Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation, Infiniti Financial services, Nissan-Infiniti LT and/or prospective creditors to verify credit and employment history as stated above and to answer questions about credit experience with me. If this application is made pursuant to any credit program for attendees and/or graduates of schools or educational institutions, then prospective creditors may verify my eligibility for such program, including by inquiry to my school(s) or educational institution(s) . insurance related to the credit for which i am applying may be purchased from an insurer or agent of my choice who meets prospective creditor standards. in connection with this application for credit, protective creditors may request a credit report on my request, prospective creditors will advise me if the report was actually ordered and if so, the name and address of the agency that furnished the report. prospective creditors may order subsequent credit reports.

I authorize prospective creditors to ask my past and current creditors (credit references) including creditors listed above or on my credit report, about my credit performance with them and disclose to other persons, including credit reporting agencies, information about my accounts and credit experience. this shall be a continuing authorization for all present and future requests and disclosures. provision by prospective creditors of a copy of this authorization shall service as my direction that my credit references provide my credit performance information.

Everything that i have stated in this application is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and constitutes my entire application for credit with the prospective creditors. ‚ÄčI understand that prospective creditors will retain this application whether or not it is approved. I will notify prospective creditors if applicable within a reasonable time of any change in my name, address or employment.

To the extend permitted by law, I consent that you, your assignees, and your agents may contact me at any telephone number you have for me, including any cell phone numbers and any phone numbers listed on this document, by any means you select, including automatic telephone dialing system, text messaging, and/or an artificial or pre-recorded voice.