Kingston Nissan Hurricane Relief – Nissan Disaster Relief Program NY

Our staff at Kingston Nissan hopes that everyone is doing well and staying safe after Hurricane Sandy. Our Kingston Nissan dealership would like to inform our customers about Nissan’s Disaster Relief program for Hurricane Sandy Victims.

Running through January 2, 2013 Nissan will offer employee pricing and special financing with deferred payemnts for up to three months for individuals who are in designated FEMA disaster areas and who have an insurance claim on their current vehicle due to the storm.

The Nissan disaster relief program allows buyers to take advantage of this special pricing on new 2013 Nissan models that are available at local dealerships including Kingston Nissan in NY.

Existing Nissan drivers in FEMA areas can be eligible for payment extensions that will be offered to both qualifying lease and retail areas. Payment extensions will be offered to both qualifying lease and retail customers for up to three payments without extension fees.

To learn more about these programs and Nissan’s efforts to help victims of Hurricane Sandy complete the form below or visit our Kingston Nissan dealership located in Kingston, NY.

*Customer Documentation Required – (1). Insurance Card for Proof of Vehicle Ownership (2). Damage Vehicle Insurance Claim [insurance claim number & insurance adjuster damage appraisal]