Enjoy The Conveniences Of The Nissan Intelligent Key and Locking Functions

The Nissan Intelligent Key and Locking System allows you to conveniently lock, unlock and start your Nissan vehicle – all without removing the Nissan Intelligent Key from your pocket or purse.

Nissan Intelligent Key and Locking Functions in NY

How the Nissan Intelligent Key Works

Nissan Intelligent Key and Locking feature utilizes antennae that transmit signals between the car and the key, and a tuner that receives the signals. Pressing the Request Switch transmits a signal from the car antenna, and the key that receives the signal then automatically returns a signal. The car tuner receives this signal and then locks or unlocks the vehicle.

Similarly, for starting the engine, the ignition knob is turned or the engine start switch is pressed and the car transmits a signal, which is then received and returned by the key, and the engine activates. The signal transmitted by the car is tuned to reach an area one meter around the Request Switch, or when inside the car, only inside the cabin or trunk, so that only the person with the key in range can engage it.

Up to 4 Nissan Intelligent Keys Per Vehicle

If you’re a family always on the go, each of your driving family members could benefit from the conveniences of the Nissan Intelligent Key and Locking functions. Each individual key contains an individual recognition code, and that code is registered in advanced by the Nissan dealer to that particular Nissan vehicle. The Nissan Intelligent Key allows you the ability to register up to 4 Intelligent Keys per vehicle – now every driver enjoys the hands-free benefits.

Conveniences Of the Nissan Intelligent Key

Hands-Free Door Lock and Un-Lock & Trunk Open

Nissan Intelligent Key conveniences in NYTo unlock a door on your Nissan vehicle with Intelligent Key from outside the vehicle, have the key with you and press the REQUEST SWITCH located on the door handle. Pressing the REQUEST SWITCH will unlock that door, press the switch again within a minute and all the doors in your vehicle will unlock. To lock your Nissan, press any door handle’s REQUEST SWITCH once after all your doors have been closed. The lock and unlock features are operational when your Nissan Intelligent Key is within 2.5 feet of the corresponding request switch. Your Intelligent Key has remote keyless entry functions that are available within 33 feet of your vehicle. To lock or unclock your doors using the keyless entry feature, press the corresponding button on your keyfob.

Push Button Ignition

The engine activates just by pressing the engine start button, without taking the key out and inserting it. With the standard Push Button Start, just get in, push the button, and go.

Nissan Intelligent Key offers lockout protection in NYLockout Protection

If you exit your vehicle with Nissan Intelligent Key left inside, all doors will unlock and a warning chime will sound as soon as you close the door. In the rare event that your Intelligent Key battery is dead, you can still lock and unlock the vehicle with the mechanical key concealed on the back of your Intelligent Key. You can then insert it into the key cylinder on the driver’s side door.

If you are tired of having to fumble for your keys and would like to enjoy all the conveniences the Nissan Intelligent Key has to offer, head to Kingston Nissan in Kingston, NY and check out our Nissan lineup. Whether you are in the market for a 370Z coupe, a Nissan Altima sedan, Nissan Pathfinder SUV or the Nissan Titan pickup, the available Nissan Intelligent Key has the added convenience of hands-free technology, while offering lockout protection. The Nissan Intelligent Key is available in most Nissan vehicles, find yours now.

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