Nissan Tire Pressure Monitoring System – Nissan TPS Feature

Tire Pressure Monitoring SystemWhat is a Tire Pressure Monitoring System? 
Nissan’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System is a preventive electronic system that was designed to monitor the air pressure inside the tires. Nissan’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System [TPMS] is built to report real-time tire                     pressure information to the Driver with a simple display or warning light.

What are the benefits of Nissan TPMS?NISSAN TPMSNissan Tire Pressure Monitoring System contributes to the active safety features and reduces the risk of traffic accidents due to an under-inflated tire by recognizing the tire malfunction and warning drivers there is an Tire issue.

Extreme under-inflation of a tire can lead to thermal and mechanical overload caused by overheating and cause sudden destruction of the tire itself. Tire wear and fuel efficiency are also affected by under inflation.

This standard safety feature on Nissan Vehicles assures drivers they have optimized Tire Inflation and Tire Pressure on their Nissan. For more information about Nissan Vehicle Safety Features visit our Kingston Nissan Dealership on Route 28 in Kingston, NY.

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