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With the Help of Our Supporters In 2016, Kingston Nissan Raised $13,381 Benefiting Local Shelters In The Name Of Ozzie, Our Beloved Mascot. Make 2017 Another Successful Campaign By Donating Today.

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Ozzie’s Story

It was nothing short of destiny for Kingston Nissan to open in November 2005 and only a few short months after for the most loyal, loveable English Bulldog named Ozzie to be born. He was by Tom Gordon’s side as the most amazing companion since day one and continued to be the right hand man to the entire Kingston Nissan staff.

Ozzie quickly became famous not only by capturing the hearts of everyone he met, but even through being in commercials, present for radio station recordings, on billboards and of course daily visits to the Nissan store. Everyone still laughs remembering Ozzie’s routine each day when he would arrive. He would take a few moments in the morning to run into each of the fifteen offices and stick his head way down in the garbage can to make sure there wasn’t anything good sitting in there, like leftover pizza. (his favorite food) Once that task was complete, he was ready to greet people and get on with the day. It broke everyone’s hearts to lose Ozzie in July of 2015, but they really feel lucky for being able to have such an incredible dog that gave such contagious love so freely – to be a member of their family. It was no surprise to anyone that the life span of his breed is only eight years and Ozzie held strong for eleven. There is a photo of him today in the dealership and customers still ask about Ozzie and share stories and smile about him with the staff – a gift he gave to everyone.


One story that always stands out to Tom Gordon about Ozzie occurred when they were taking their usual walk down a fresh mountain stream.

It was the perfect spot because it had a nice little road right over the stream with a bridge. One day a car drove by pretty fast and something flew out the car window directly towards them. Tom’s first thought was to duck because it was most likely a beer bottle or some form of trash. It turns out it was a slice of pizza! The most ironic part about this is that pizza happened to be Ozzie’s favorite food in the world. That slice seemed to move in slow motion, flying through the air with their eyes locked on it – and it landed right on the ground directly between Ozzie and Tom. Ozzie looked right up at Tom and he looked back down at Ozzie. Ozzie’s expression was almost saying, ‘Ok, which one of us is going to be quick enough to get this pizza?’ In the blink of an eye, Ozzie grabbed the whole slice of pizza as fast as he could in his mouth and ran away with it as fast as he could!

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Meet Jaxin

Ozzie is truly an irreplaceable member of the Kingston Nissan family and they can’t even begin to describe how much they miss him. But if you come into the dealership today, you will see a new, rising star.

The adorable Havanese-Shih Tzu named Jaxin was adopted from Texas and accompanies Tom Gordon at work everyday now. About four years ago, Tom and his family were enjoying the South by South West concert in Austin. Out of nowhere, a dog came running toward Tom and jumped right onto his lap! His face was a big mess and he was out of breath as if something had been chasing him. He appeared to be relieved to find Tom, as if he had been looking for him forever. Tom and his family didn’t hesitate to adopt the very animated, eighteen pound ball of love and bring him straight home to their farm to join their other adoptees. The Kingston Nissan Family invites you to come to the store anytime and meet Jaxin – you will certainly leave with a smile on your face! Even if Jaxin can't be at the dealership one day, we always have a lovable dog here to greet our customers! You're all invited, so join us!

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